About Us


GLP Hi-Tech created StepOne to produce molded prototypes for customers, and to assist them in the development of their products.

In Canada and the United States, engineers, industrial designers and technicians work with StepOne because of its rapid prototyping capabilities and expertise in producing prototypes that are comparable with final parts. As a result, you can test your prototypes as if they were the final parts!

The wide variety of plastics available for injection molding means that you save time and avoid errors. Precision modeling is a major challenge for professionals who use prototypes to test run their projects. The company works with market leaders in a range of complex fields including electrical, electronics, optics, medical and transportation, and the StepOne team goes all out on each project, allowing little room for error.

StepOnemission and values

Excellence for StepOne is grounded in its team’s skill and drive. The goal-oriented team embraces the individual development of both its employees and the professionals who have opted to work with StepOne on their projects. StepOne never underestimates the essential importance of human contact to the development of high quality prototypes. Project leads are assigned to supervise projects and provide project-specific support and technical recommendations.

StepOne has more than 37 years’ experience in mold manufacturing and plastic injection molding, and it shows.

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